Thursday, 17 March 2011

Things I Love Thursday

I’ve been contemplating doing a ‘my favourite things’ Monday, because an injection of pretty things on Monday mornings might possibly be the only way to face down a work week. However, this TILT post is unashamedly stolen from galadarling because it is a grand idea to come up with things we love today in order to get us through one more day before Friday and the weekend, especially this week (which feels like it has gone on FOREVER, yesterday I actually thought it WAS Friday and was super-sad when I realised it was only Wednesday). ANYWAY. Thursday. Yes. Things I’m in love with this week:
  • The beginning of autumn. Yes, I realise up north all y’all are beginning to consider the possibility of putting away winter coats, but down here, summer is coming to an end and I get to eye up warm knits, pull out my ultra-comfortable loose brown boots and consider the possibility of a new winter coat. Being a pale redhead who freckles and burns rather than tans, summer’s really not my thing (plus it’s so super-hot you can’t layer anything, which is really my major issue with summer fashion). Autumn means snuggly woollens, pretty tights, maybe a bit of fur (vintage or faux only, please!) and perhaps another fluffy duvet on the bed for extra warmth on chilly, rainy nights. Rugging up? YES PLEASE.
  • MAC Wonder Woman Marquise D’ lipstick. This lipstick practically deserves a post of its own, since it is quite possibly the most versatile lipstick IN THE WORLD. It works on me, aforementioned pale redhead, plus a brunette friend with Middle-Eastern olive colouring, AND another friend who’s the epitome of an English rose. It’s like the lipstick has super powers of colour matching. For me, it’s a perfect gold-shimmery pink neutral, and the Wonder Woman packaging is also pretty awesome.
  • Coffee. I don’t drink a LOT of coffee daily, but like a lot of Wellingtonians I really do appreciate a good coffee. True story: One of my favourite bands, The Books, toured New Zealand recently, and in their Wellington show a member said that he’d had three coffees in Wellington and “all of them made him cry”. There was a brief, worried silence, and then someone piped up uncertainly, “In a good way, right?” In the best possible way, he assured us, and for me that really is what Wellington coffee ought to be. This morning before work I had breakfast with a friend, and catching up over a soy latte and apple-cinnamon brioche was the best possible way to start a slightly grey and rainy Thursday.
  • Madame Fancy Pants and their gold charm pendants. My sister gave me a wee gold acorn on a long chain for my birthday last year, and they’ve just released an envelope necklace which is truly adorable. 
  • Heidi plaits! Back when I had super-long hair (down to my hips) I used to wear my hair in twin plaits wrapped across the crown of my head. Once I cut it short last year, I thought I could no longer rock the Heidi plaits, but I've just discovered that it's just long enough to manage, if not quite as elaborate.
  • Lace everything. I popped in to Kate Sylvester this morning (yes, I do have a bit of a problem in that I ADORE EVERYTHING SHE DOES, sigh) and tried on a lace pencil skirt which might well become an integral part of my work wardrobe.
  • Family visits. My dad is coming down to Wellington this weekend, so it'll be really nice to have a catch-up with him and my little sister. <3 to them both.

So, my lovelies, what are your things keeping you going this Thursday? 


  1. That was such a sweet moment during The Books, the whole audience was worried they might not like us!

    As for things that are keeping me going, I bought myself an incredibly cheap (and shitty) mp3 player so I can listen to music on the go again.

  2. Double circle skirts, my new leadlight lamp, the possibility of a sleep-in tomorrow (now jinxed, of course), beautiful new 1/2" plugs I can't wait to wear, and, of course, the aforementioned Marquise D' :-)