Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Nail shinies: understated half-moons

I love the look of half-moon manicures, and recently discovered that you can do them very easily using a circular sticker-label cut in half and applied to the base of your nail. This is a clear base coat, two coats of OPI Barefoot in Barcelona and another clear top coat (I love the colour, it reminds me of milk chocolate).  The stickers I used were slightly too big a circle, so the half-moon isn't quite as round as I'd like, but I love this effect and will be trying it again in other colours. It strikes me as a twist on a classic nail and could possibly be subtle enough for a job interview or something of that sort.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Daily outfit: cream and blue and a peter pan collar

Look, I'm very nearly wearing a lolita coordinate! I found this cute little top in a sale at Peter Alexander yesterday. It's a super-fancy sleepwear store, and apparently this top can be worn for sleep or during the day but I think it's way too cute to waste in bed. Today was tricksily cold, so a long-sleeved cutsew-esque top, cardigan and boots were definitely necessary to keep warm.

Details (click picture for larger version): Cream top with black peter pan collar, Peter Alexander. Blue Alice-print skirt, Emily Temple Cute, via my alteration. Sheer stockings, supermarket. Black suede boots, Mi Piaci. Red school brooch, Vessel.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Daily outfit: hopeful for spring

This was yesterday's outfit, and look! Bare arms! And a floaty skirt! Surely spring is on its way (although I'm suspicious it's all a trick). Honestly, though, the weather does seem in recent days to have improved a little (well, after the day last week where it snowed everywhere I suppose anything is an improvement) and I have a vase of earlycheer narcissus on my desk at work. The scent is lovely and absolutely puts me in a spring mood. Plus, I even saw the very first of the spring lambs last weekend while away visiting my Dad. It was adorable. And wobbly. I had a pet lamb once, I rode it to school. Okay, probably I am now getting a bit off-topic, but anyway! Spring! Yes.

Details (click picture for larger version): Rose-print cotton wrap top, Frutti. Brown chiffon pleated maxi-skirt, Glassons. Dusky-pink tights, Glassons. Brown/black wedge ankle boots, Mi Piaci. Pearl strand, vintage via Trademe.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Daily outfit: black silk and a white print skirt

A daily outfit from RIGHT NOW! Oh my god. This is what happens when I get up early. Anyway, this is probably the second time I've coordinated this skirt this way - it's a lovely print, but wearing it with light colours makes everything feel entirely too sweet for me, so adding black on top and bottom helps tone everything down a bit. I'm probably wearing this blouse entirely opposite to the way it was designed - it's very drapey, with a batwing cut and a longer drape in the back, so I believe it's probably meant to be worn loose over tight jeans or a fitted skirt. Regardless, I adore it - the print is tiny cream stars and birds, and it's the loveliest floaty silk chiffon. I might have a silk chiffon problem. Perhaps I ought to go to Chiffon Anonymous meetings.

Details (click picture for larger version): Black silk chiffon blouse, Ricochet. Midsummer Night's Dream print skirt, Alice and the Pirates, via my alteration. Black tights, supermarket. Black suede boots, Mi Piaci. Amethyst/gold acorn pendant, amethyst via Trademe, acorn and chain via Madame Fancy Pants. White headband, handmade via Alice and the Pirates fabric from skirt alteration.