Sunday, 12 February 2012

A little bling for your fingers? Yes please!

Now that's some bling and a half, right? A gorgeous chunk of stone, wound with silver wire on a double-finger band, thanks to the wonderful site that is ASOS. Awwwww yeah. Man do I love knuckleduster rings. And chunks of stone. 

This not-so-little beauty won't be finding its way into my jewellery collection any time soon, though, because it's up to be won! Yes, seriously. You could be rocking this out like the badass I'm sure you are. Let's just see another couple of pictures, shall we?

Oh yes. That's a fantastic ring and a half there. Go on, click those pictures and make them bigger, you know you want to.

How could you fossick this away into your own jewellery box? Well, rings are a fantastic way to draw attention to your hands, and there's no better way to add even more bling than through an amazing manicure. Just look at those stunning nails above (painted in OPI Your Royal Shine-ness), thanks to my best friend modelling this hunk-of-lovely. She's like some kind of fantastic cyborg assassin with blades in her fingernails. I am so jealous of those long nails.

So, to be in the draw, I want to hear your ultimate manicure to go with this ring. Would you go for gleaming silver foil, like my friend here? Perhaps a bit of sparkle and glitter? Or maybe a colour to coordinate or contrast with the beautiful purple stone? Leave a comment describing just what you'd do, and the winner will be announced on Wednesday.


  1. Wrote long comment; comment deleted. It is the way of things.

    Sigh. Ok.

    I'd go with OPI Lincoln Park After Dark with a splatter pattern of metallic silver over the top, and a matte top coat over the lot. The LPAD would mirror the purple in the amethyst without trying to match or compete. I considered a gradient of OPI Spark de Triomph instead of the silver splatter pattern but it would be too glitzy and speckled for such strong, clean lines. I'd go with the matte coat because the manicure is the back-up singer to the awesome jewellery! Shine would be too distracting.

  2. oh my god thats soooo beautiful!

    i think id have to go for a watermarbled manicure, maybe using a deeper shade of purple and a lilac to mimic the stone and give more depth as well as a chrome silver (i have a barry m one that would work fabulously!)
    the silver patterns contrasting the purple shades in the water marble would look similar to the thin wire holding the ring together ^.^

  3. Oh man. Since I'm going through a huge green-and-purple phase, it'd be a mid or dark green shade with silver accents - either an abstract swirly silver design on top or a silver crackle polish. Realistically it'd be the latter since I can only draw pretty designs with my dominant hand. There was a very pretty dark green Revlon one I sneakily tried last week in Farmers but the shade name escapes me entirely - it was similar to the swatches I've seen online for Here Today Aragon Tomorrow by OPI.