Thursday, 12 January 2012

Look, it's an ombre dress! And a semi-ombre (okay, colour-blocked, but whatevs) sweater! And ... is that some ombre hair?

Yes. Yes it is. As of last Friday, I've got motherfucking blonde, y'all. I <3 it something fierce. You can't tell properly from this angle, but there are deeper coppers all through my fringe and top section, and almost-white blonde streaks coming through underneath in the tips. My hairdresser (Tracey at Shape Hair Design) did a fantastic job, I am super-pleased. And also considering that next summer might be a proper truly blonde time. I know, right. I reckon I could do blonde for a bit.

Details (click picture for larger version): Pink haze ombre dress, Ricochet. Two-tone coral knit, Cotton On. Black leggings, Glassons. Pink patent wedges, Number 1 Shoe Warehouse. Citrine pendant, Etsy.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Double daily outfit - some monochrome for December

I'm back! Actually, I basically never left, but not owning my own camera kind of put a spanner in the works when my flatmate took hers away over Christmas. SO thoughtless of her, right? I know, I know, it's like she owns it or something. I should really buy my own. Especially as she's moving out in a few weeks. Gulp. Anyway, have a couple of last month's outfits. I have a special secret to tell y'all soon, but it's going to have to wait just a couple more days. :D In the meantime, Happy Christmas/New Years/non-denominational holiday of choice. I ate many things, and have greatly enjoyed my time off thus far.

Outfit the first... is a "casual day at work followed by going to a rock gig (and oh hey, btw, it's raining all day so those massive heels you wanted to wear? yeah, no way)" coordination. It's a very technical descriptor. Anyway, despite the rain, I loved the gig, and was ultimately pleased I'd gone for flat boots, because despite them, by the time I got home around midnight my back had utterly seized up on me from standing so long in a crowd. I suspect that heels might actually have crippled me. This dress is one that I bought when I went out shopping one day with the intent of buying jeans. I still don't own any jeans, but I fucking love this dress, so I think everything worked out okay.

Details (click picture for larger version): Cream/black silk chiffon dress with lace panel detail, Salasai, via Service Depot. Black cotton leggings, Glassons. Black suede ankle boots, Ann Demeulemeester.

Outfit the second, and I think this was a work outfit (I connived at getting my boss to let us all wear casual-dress for December, and it was a Good Idea). Monochrome black and grey is still summery if I wear nude espadrilles, right? What I am also wearing is my Christmas presents from my two best friends: a cast crow's-skull pendant in an amazing blackened silver, and a skull-and-bones bracelet. I would like to lay it out there that this fashion direction was slightly unpredictable as of a year ago. Blaaaaaaack. Blaaaaaaaaaaack with a bracelet made of the thumbs of my enemies. It's kind of awesome, I have to admit. Also, check out the slow progress of tattoo ink down my arm. Original plan was for both half-sleeves, I may now be eyeing up my forearms speculatively.

Details (click picture for larger version): black shirt-dress, Company of Strangers, via Service Depot. Black cotton leggings, Glassons. Grey draped merino cardigan, Glassons. Nude faux-patent espadrille wedges, Number 1 Shoe Warehouse. Blackened-silver crow-skull pendant, gifted, via Etsy. Bone bracelet, gifted, via Service Depot.