Sunday, 25 September 2011

Some magic for your Sunday

No, I don't believe in magic proper (despite the number of "You're a wizard, Harry" jokes made at me), but Sunday seems like a day for some sparkle and whimsy, especially when it's been a bit of a grey and rainy day. Click the pictures for extra pretty :)

Ceramic unicorns from Madame Fancy Pants, one of my favourite local stores. They'll never stop getting shout-outs (blog-outs?) from me, as long as they keep stocking such twee-ly adorable things. So, pretty much forever then.

Jelly Shot Test Kitchen is full of super-amazing jelly shots. Alcohol mixed with gelatine? Clearly not just for student parties anymore. I've been debating making some jelly shots for my flatmate's birthday party next weekend, but I doubt any of mine will look as fantastic as these (from left to right: rainbow cake with whipped cream sprinkles; flirtini with edible gold leaf; blackberry cosmo with classic (pink) and pear (white) cosmo in background). More foods should definitely come with sparkles and/or glitter.

Lissie Elle's photostream over on Flickr is absolutely full of beautiful, whimsical and sometimes dark photos. With many more lovely shots I was tempted to add!

Speaking of beautiful photos, how about this magical shot by Tim Walker, via the Emma blog? Imagine a midnight tea party in this garden...

I can't make a Harry Potter reference in my intro and then not post this! Iterations of the golden snitch necklace are all over the internet, but I really like this one for its delicacy and simplicity. From Starbright Girl.

Finally, look at these utterly incredible art nouveau/steampunk pendants made out of butterfly wings over at Harem Royal on Etsy. (From left to right: butterfly, dragonfly, luna mothdark butterfly fairy wingsbrown steampunk butterfly). Butterflies only have a lifespan of a week or two, so using their laminated wings in jewelry isn't as weird/awful as I first imagined, and these really are stunning (with a pricetag to match). My birthday's coming up - perhaps if I wish really really hard the universe will decide I absolutely need one of these!

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