Thursday, 29 September 2011

I am colourblock, and so can you!

So apparently colourblocking is in this season.

This is from Fashion Week Animals in Hats over at The Hairpin. The entire thing is awesome, as is The Hairpin in general, so I recommend checking it out. What is also awesome is colourblocking. My good (excellent) friend over at Pearls in Vinegar is very keen on it, and she's just generally made of awesome herself, so I was all like, "Self, you need to try out this colourblock thing! You wear too much black recently! It's spring! Buy bright things and wear them with each other! You too can be like the Tarsier (which I think is maybe like a kind of lemur?) in his jaunty little hat." And then I went and bought a bright yellow belt from Trademe, and was all like AWW YEAH.

Readers, given the amount of dark colour above, I am not entirely sure that this counts as full colourblocking. In my defence, the dress I am wearing is really truly honestly navy, not black (according to the tag, it is 'ink'), and I wasn't planning on adding the leggings until a) I realised that both my pairs of sheer stockings had runs in them (DO NOT WORRY, I have now bought some more, everything is okay) and b) it's still actually rather chilly at the moment despite the sunshine. And I've somehow misplaced the strand of hot pink metal beads I was planning on adding, which would have been another pop of solid colour. My life, it is difficult. (This is a lie.) In any case, regardless of whether I can claim to have achieved colourblock nirvana, I still think it was pretty awesome. And that's what counts, right?

My eye makeup, though, that was pretty. And colourful. The colour is, sadly, a little washed out, but essentially this is matte pink on the inner corner, with a gorgeous, shimmery blue blended over the outer corner and crease, a slightly-sparkly teal highlighted across the middle, and a swipe of gold-green under the lower lashes. With a smidge of black liquid liner along the top lashline, and generous black mascara. All of it is MAC - the three on top are from the Devoted Poppy compact, and the gold-green is 'Juxt'. Applying shadow with a wet brush is the Best Thing Ever. Except for tarsiers. I think they might even be better than pug dogs, and that is saying a lot.

Details (click pictures for larger version): Navy draped dress with lace panelling, Ricochet. Yellow leather waist belt, Trademe. Black leggings, Glassons. Hot pink/cream high heels, Ultra Shoes. Pink rose brooch, handmade, via someone on the EGL sales community. Pink/white/black chain necklace, gifted handmade. Green wool capelet, Frutti.

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