Sunday, 31 July 2011

All shatter all the time!

Recently I've been foraying into the world of nail polish, oohing and aahing over all the fantastic manicures talented people on the internet can create. For example, a mermaid-themed gradient mani. Gosh they're lovely. So what better way to spend a bit of time on a quiet Sunday afternoon, than to not only paint my own nails but to convince my best friend to let me do hers? (Quietly: she didn't need much convincing once I said "how about mint green and silver?" :D :D)

Aren't her nails lovely? I'm so very jealous of her deep nail beds (PHWOAR, or something). This is OPI Mermaid's Tears (from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection) with Silver Shatter over the top. Shatter polish = All The Fun, and the silver version is fantastically glittery, slightly dirty silver which tends to take on undertones of the base colour. I rocked a similar version of this last week and adored it.

My poor short nails :( I had them lovely and long last week (admittedly, they were beginning to get keyboard-clattery, but still, they were pretty) and then I broke one and had to cut it super-short, so I decided I might as well trim them all and let them grow out evenly. I am sulky about this, though. I hate short nails. Having pretty lilac-and-silver polish is somewhat making up for it, though. 

This is OPI Steady As She Rose (also from the Pirates collection) with again Silver Shatter on top. Steady As She Rose is supposedly a grey-pink, but it comes out very grey-lilac on my nails, with hints of pink depending on the light. Combined with silver it's a very subtle play of colour which you could probably get away with even in quite a conservative office.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

A surfeit of styles

World, I am shamefaced. An ENTIRE MONTH without posting once. Seriously, for shame. That said, though, I have been doing Things. Like what? I hear you ask. Weeeeeelllllll, I've been sewing a bit, and working, and hibernating as far away as possible from the cold and wet and wild that is the Wellington winter. Okay, confession, I've pretty much mostly been hibernating. Is Cold. Do Not Like. But finally the build-up of outfit snapshots just became far too much to ignore, so this post is a veritable bevy of outfits, all in vastly different styles. See Vanessa's exposed skin slowly disappear as the days grow ever colder! It's a fun game for all the family, or something.

Okay, I have been doing one other thing. Want a sneak preview? Of course you do. Okay then.

EEEE excitement! Yup, that's the beginnings of my Twinkle Mermaid-inspired half-sleeve right there. I've had more work since then - the frame is now nicely filled in with black - and I'll be starting colour in a couple more weeks. I may not wear lolita anymore, but dammit, that's no reason not to have awesomely pretty mermaids around!

This outfit, according to my photo timestamp, is all the way back from the 27th of May. That is SO LONG AGO, blog world. This outfit is also really super-gothic-black for me, which is a style I've recently been getting into a lot more. Wellington is kind of known for its citizens tending towards nothing but black, and I've always bucked that trend with colour (especially pastels) so it's a little bit weird to finally be doing the minimalistic Black Black Black thing. That said, this dress is amazing - it's a twist on a shirtdress, with button detailing down the sides, an uneven hem line, and SHIRT COLLARS FOR SLEEVES. Seriously, how cool is that?

Details (click picture for larger version): Black shirtdress, Company of Strangers via The Service Depot. Black tights, supermarket. Black suede boots, Mi Piaci. Black patent belt, Cue. Silver arrow pendant with crystal detail, Madame Fancy Pants.

From super-minimal to ultra-luxe and pretty! I wore this to work one day when I was a bit tired of casual dress and wanted to kick it up a notch. Sadly, this (at the beginning of June) was the last time I've been able to wear this blouse - I wanted to wear it today, but when the weather website says it's six degrees with windchill, that is not a day for short-sleeved silk chiffon. EVENTUALLY it will be spring and I will wear it again, OH YES.

Details (click picture for larger version): Black silk chiffon blouse, Sylvester via Kate Sylvester. Caramel/nude lace pencil skirt, Kate Sylvester. Black tights, supermarket. lack faux-leather studded platform ankle boots with wood heels, Number One Shoe Warehouse. Pearl strands, vintage via Trademe. 

Now we get to yesterday! This is one of my recent sewing projects - it's a lined double circle skirt with a black velveteen waistband and a satin bias-binding hem. DOUBLE circle skirt, yes - it's roughly six metres worth of grey Prince of Wales check merino wool suiting, with pleats at the waist. I adore this skirt unreasonably, even though hemming it was an exercise in patience and frustration (I think around 13 metres worth of hem, from memory...) The fabric was in my stash for years, and is the perfect weight for this skirt as it's heavy enough to drape but light enough to swoosh about marvelously as I walk. In addition, I have adorable new boots! The winter sales are on in full force at the moment, and with my tax return burning a hole in my pocket, I couldn't resist cute little ankle boots in brown/black leather ("little" is kind of a misnomer as they're 3.5" wedge heels - I can actually reach things on the top shelf of the pantry!) This outfit had my workmates calling me a schoolgirl, and made me feel like I ought to be wearing a beret and be in some French storybook.

Details (click picture for larger version): White elbow-sleeve collared blouse with black ribbon tie, Sylvester via Kate Sylvester. Black merino jersey-dress, Fred Perry. Grey merino check skirt, handmade. Black tights, supermarket. Brown/black wedge ankle boots, Mi Piaci. Victorian-girl necklace, gifted. Red lipstick, MAC Russian Red.

And finally, today's outfit! I've very recently been on a chiffon maxi-skirt kick - Glassons (which I guess would be very similar to Forever 21) has had a few really lovely-for-the-price varieties in, so as well as this long, gathered black chiffon version (which depending on the light is rather more transparent than in this photo), I also recently acquired a nutmeg-brown-with-black-waistband-and-knife-pleats option. ALL THE MAXI-SKIRTS. I've also, as you might be able to see here, satisfied (for now) my desire for raw crystal, in the form of this citrine pendant, as well as a similar version in amethyst. I am now (according to my somewhat snarky flatmate) well-protected against psychic attack! Regardless, I now have acceptable levels of shiny crystal pendanty things, although I'm still gearing up for a giant knuckleduster of a ring eventually.

Details (click picture for larger version): Black merino top with kimono-print sleeve detail, Frutti. Black chiffon maxi-skirt, Glassons. Black tights, supermarket. Black/brown wedge ankle boots, Mi Piaci. Brown belt, Glassons. Raw citrine pendant, Etsy.