Sunday, 31 July 2011

All shatter all the time!

Recently I've been foraying into the world of nail polish, oohing and aahing over all the fantastic manicures talented people on the internet can create. For example, a mermaid-themed gradient mani. Gosh they're lovely. So what better way to spend a bit of time on a quiet Sunday afternoon, than to not only paint my own nails but to convince my best friend to let me do hers? (Quietly: she didn't need much convincing once I said "how about mint green and silver?" :D :D)

Aren't her nails lovely? I'm so very jealous of her deep nail beds (PHWOAR, or something). This is OPI Mermaid's Tears (from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection) with Silver Shatter over the top. Shatter polish = All The Fun, and the silver version is fantastically glittery, slightly dirty silver which tends to take on undertones of the base colour. I rocked a similar version of this last week and adored it.

My poor short nails :( I had them lovely and long last week (admittedly, they were beginning to get keyboard-clattery, but still, they were pretty) and then I broke one and had to cut it super-short, so I decided I might as well trim them all and let them grow out evenly. I am sulky about this, though. I hate short nails. Having pretty lilac-and-silver polish is somewhat making up for it, though. 

This is OPI Steady As She Rose (also from the Pirates collection) with again Silver Shatter on top. Steady As She Rose is supposedly a grey-pink, but it comes out very grey-lilac on my nails, with hints of pink depending on the light. Combined with silver it's a very subtle play of colour which you could probably get away with even in quite a conservative office.

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