Sunday, 3 April 2011

Some links for your Sunday!

Or, you know, your Saturday. Whichever. I'm living in the future here, and also woke up at seven this morning because our clocks went back. OFFICIALLY AUTUMN, people. Winter is nigh. That said, I also ate pancakes in bed, so my morning was definitely not all bad.

  • Watch this if you adore beautiful shoes. Oh, Christian Louboutin, you so wacky and adorable. Someday I will be rich enough to buy your pretty things. 
  • Unknowledgeable Fashionista has been making me giggle all weekend - for serious, my flatmate heard me cackling all the way down the hall and immediately demanded what was so funny, because something that hilarious ought to be shared. I think this is my favourite thus far, because you can never go past a good Mean Girls reference (you go, Glenn Coco!). 
  • I find the concept of Slow Fashion really intriguing - it definitely intersects where I've been going/thinking with my style. I popped into a few high-street stores last week and found them overwhelming with the sheer variety - having gotten used to shopping in stores where there are maybe six racks, five print options and a clear theme, going to a giant cavern of a shop with ten different sections of style alone, a hundred racks to browse through and signs yelling SALE SALE SALE everywhere you look is a bit weird. I'm hardly the poster-girl for anti-consumption, but active thinking about how and why and where you buy is something I'd definitely encourage.
  • Madame Fancy Pants is having a sale! Speaking of consumption, ha. But they're an adorable local jewelllery-and-pretty-things store, they ship worldwide and their prices are in NZD so you might just pick up a bargain. My best friend and I visited yesterday, and she just got the feather bracelet which is SUPER-lovely and was handmade while we waited to be sure it fit her wrist just right. Ain't that sweet?
  • Also on the topic of pretty jewellery, I love the idea behind Smash Palace - they turn lovely but broken china into beautiful pendants, rings and brooches. I don't think I'll be smashing up my china collection any time soon, but a pretty china brooch might be just up my alley.
  • I utterly adore this illustration, done for Maximillia boutique. It's my favourite Karen Walker look of the season, and predictably everything was sold out before I could get to it. Sigh. Also, that boutique is LOVELY and I should stop looking at everything because ARGH IT IS TOO PRETTY. I think I might have to try my luck at making a similar bow-tie to Twenty Seven Names' silk tie because bows on blouses are always awesome.

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