Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Double daily outfit: IW, ETC and a new winter coat

Oh gosh, I've been horrifically lax with posting. This is what happens when I'm hit with two weeks of flu followed by ultra-business both in and out of work. But I have plots up my sleeve for posts, oh yes! Watch out post-Easter, there'll be giveaway goodness and hopefully some new tutorials too. In the meantime, here's a double daily outfit - one from last week, and one from today.

Looking back at this makes me wistful - in only a week, winter seems well and truly to have set in, and outfits involving a cute little cardigan and heels aren't exactly practical in pouring rain and southerly winds straight from Antarctica. Yes, this is the third iteration of my IW Shoppes skirt - I really do adore it, as it's a more muted print and seems extremely versatile with what I already own.

Details (click picture for larger version): Pink/black silk knit shirt, Fred Perry. Cream high-waisted shoppes-print skirt, Innocent World, via my alteration. Black tights, possibly the supermarket? Cream lace cardigan, Portmans. Black/cream peep-toe heels, Magnini, via Ultra Shoes.

I've always adored Alice in Wonderland prints, and this ETC version is perfect for me - it's a lovely rich but muted blue, with a whimsical but not too little-girly print. However! It was also made to fit a 26" waist, which I am ... not. ETC skirts don't come with waist ties, and it would have been a little difficult to match the blue of the waistband to add an extra panel into the back (something that I'm planning a photo tutorial on for another skirt). So instead I took the skirt off the waistband and re-pleated it onto a new black velveteen band - I think the effect is quite lovely since the print has black in it and the hem has a band of black sequins. These ankle boots aren't my usual style, but I'm totally in love with them and quite like the contrast of studded boots with a sweet skirt and blouse.

Details (click picture for larger version): Blue Alice-print skirt, Emily Temple Cute, via my alteration. Cream silk chiffon pussy-bow blouse, Max via Trademe. Black tights, supermarket. Black faux-leather studded platform ankle boots with wood heels, Number One Shoe Warehouse. Yellow rose brooch pin, vintage gifted. Camel peacoat, Witchery.

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