Sunday, 29 May 2011

Lolita x high fashion! And also Aaaaaaaaaannn :D

My flatmate and I watched the finale of ANTM Cycle 16 tonight, because we are well-adjusted young women in our mid-20s who have an excellent social life (sneaky secret: it involves watching ANTM in our dressing gowns and eating fried halloumi for dinner at 10pm on a Saturday night). Throughout this entire season, we've been "meh" on the girls but Every. Single. Time they showed a shot of Ann from the previous cycle, we chorused in unison "Aww, Aaaaaaaaaaaannnn". She is adorbs, to the point where I actually use words like "adorbs". 

ANYWAY. As you may or may not know, the finale runway was a Vivienne Westwood Anglomania show, which made me go to my happy place, and then Ann opened the show in THIS. Why Vivienne, are you doing some high-fashion lolita-inspired awesomesauce? I do believe you are. Awesome. I love so much about this coordinate. It'd be super-neat to see this (maybe enamel?) depiction-of-a-bow-onna-headband take off in the lolita community to replace fabric bows, since I think the enamel bow is quirky without being infantile. I'm in-love-with-and-amused-by the Melissa heart-detail heels, since those have been used in lolita coordinates a whole bunch and the filtering-back to the designer is fantastic to see.

Mostly, though, what I really fucking adore about this is the hard-edged slightly-punk badass cool that this has in spades. I left lolita because it was so hyper-saturated sweet, with no edge about it, and more recently I've been delving more and more into dark colours and things with a bit of grit. (Today I bought a black ruffled leather miniskirt. There will be more on this later.) But anyway, while this outfit is obviously runway-styled and couldn't translate directly to everyday life, you could add some opaque black tights (perhaps footless to show off the shoe a bit), tone down the hair a bit, reinterpret the makeup to perhaps some neon eyeshadow and under-lash colour with a good swipe of black liquid liner, and maybe throw on a cropped black motorcycle jacket, or even a black lolita-brand cardigan if you really wanted to bring a bit of sweetness back into it. For streetwear it'd be just about as out-there as OTT sweet, and purists might not call it lolita, but dammit, it's definitely lolita-influenced and at least it looks really fucking cool.

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