Saturday, 21 April 2012

Daily outfit: why yes, those are leather-panel leggings

In the past two months, I have started studying for a Masters of Law. I am also still maintaining an office job. I offer this fact up as an unabashed excuse for my lack of posting, but I had a snippet of time before dashing out the door last week (read: 10 minutes before I had to go catch a bus to class and work and essay-writing and basically brain-drain hell) so I snapped a picture of this outfit. Because really, I rather like it.

Apologies for the somewhat over-exposed shot - I got one semi-great shot and then the sun was like HIIIIIIIII I AM SHINING THROUGH YOUR WINDOW AREN'T YOU HAPPY TO SEE ME and by the time I'd reorganised myself, I had to run. And running in these shoes is precarious at best. Also, though, check out that hair change! The last this blog saw of my hair, it looked like this, with the long and the blonde and the ombre. Admittedly, that was pretty awesome, but my hair grows quickly like a mofo, and I've had long hair (of varying degrees of "long", from collar-bone to down-past-my-hips) for something like ten years now. So a change was in order. This bob is AMAZING and I love it. Eventually I'll probably do something fun with colour too (I'm thinking blonde, specifically so that I can play with peachy-pink temporary colours) but for now I'm just loving hair that blow-dries in ten minutes.

This time last year I was wearing: A choice of two outfits, both with full lolita skirts and pretty blouses. A pretty big change in style, no? (I sold the last of my lolita clothes a couple of months ago - I think I probably even used some of the money to buy the dress I'm wearing above. CHANGE ALL ROUND.)

Details (click picture for larger version): Black twisted/draped wool dress, MM6 by Maison Martin Margiela. Black leather-panel leggings, Glassons. Hot pink patent leather belt, Karen Walker, via Trademe. Black wood-sole shoes, Skin, via Ultra Shoes. Silver octopus necklace, gifted, via Pixel Ink.

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