Sunday, 13 November 2011

Gradients are awesome

Have I told y'all recently that I love gradient colour at the moment? 'Cuz I do. A "gradient/ombre effects are cool" post is coming soon (with ombre fabric! And hair! And probably more gradient-effect nails!) but for now, here's a subtle nude/pink glitter gradient I did. Confession: I did this at 3.30am last night (this morning?) while more than a little drunk, and sitting in bed in a dressing gown. I am somewhat surprised it turned out so prettily. 

To get the gradient effect, I've painted a single/base coat of French pink (no particular brand, just a French manicure set my sister gave me years ago) and then a couple of coats of OPI Teenage Dream. With the glitter, I did one layer very thinly, dabbing most of the polish off the brush and starting about halfway down the nail for the first coat. Then I did another coat starting about three quarters of the way down, building up the glitter more thickly, and topped it off with a clear topcoat. All the tutorials I've seen for gradient effects recommend using a sponge to dab on the polish, and this would definitely be easier than using a brush, but I was working with what I had (at 3am in bed, ha) and glitter is a bit easier to dab on with a brush than a creme colour would be.

These kind of remind me of ballerinas for some reason - perhaps it's that the pink gradient somehow reminds me of a tutu? In any case, I think they're freaking adorable and I can't stop waggling my fingers around to watch the glitter catch the light.


  1. I love it over the almost-nude base, it's subtle and eye-catching at the same time.

  2. its stunning! so subtle! i see what you mean about it being very ballet-esque im planning to try sponging some gradients soon, hopefully it comes out as well!